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To ensure that all clients of Town and Country Animal Clinic are provided with the best possible recommendations and services for their dogs, the doctors and health care team will use the following standard of care.
We highly recommend the use of Sentinel monthly tablets for year round parasite control. This should be given to your dog by mouth every month. Sentinel provides protection from the following parasites:

Roundworms: A parasite of all ages of dogs. These are long white worms that live in the intestinal tract and can cause vomiting and diarrhea. This parasite is also zoonotic, meaning there is a potential health concern for people. If the eggs of this parasite are accidentally swallowed, the larval (or baby) stage can migrate out of the intestinal tract of people and migrate through the body. The most serious consequence can be vision loss or impairment if the larvae migrate to the retina or optic disc. This not usually a concern for adults who wash their hands before they eat but a much greater risk for children who pet dogs or play in contaminated soil and put their fingers in their mouths. Sentinel is excellent medicine for your dog in the control of roundworm infections and excellent monthly protection for little people.

Hookworms: A parasite of all ages of dogs. These worms also live in the intestinal tract and can cause serious weight loss, vomiting, and watery diarrhea. Hookworms lay thousands of eggs which readily contaminate the environment, making reinfection very common. This parasite is also zoonotic. The larval stage can hatch out in the soil and enter people’s skin causing a rash or migratory tracts which look like raised welts. Sentinel is excellent medicine for your dog in the control of hookworm infections and excellent monthly protection for us.

Whipworms: A parasite of all ages of dogs. These worms can cause either constipation or diarrhea and weight loss. The eggs can live in the soil for 5-7 years, even in Michigan. Sentinel is excellent medicine for your dog in the control of whipworm infections.

Fleas: Fleas bite both people and pets. Fleas lay up to fifty eggs per female flea per day. Fifty female fleas can lay up to 15,000 eggs per month causing serious household infestations. Flea bite allergy can be a serious skin disease of dogs. Sentinel prevents infestation by sterilizing the flea eggs and not allowing them to hatch. When used every month, Sentinel guarantees against flea infestation as well as adult fleas (if all pets in household are on flea control). If you experience an adult flea problem while on Sentinel, we will dispense free Capstar to kill all adult fleas quickly and efficiently. Sentinel is completely non-toxic to pets, adults, and children. Sentinel will not wash off. Sentinel is the safest flea prevention product on the market. Sentinel is excellent medicine for your dog to control fleas.

Heartworms: Heartworms are transmitted by mosquito and therefore will infect dogs that are either outside or inside the house. This devastating disease kills dogs by damaging heart and lung tissue. It is considered a silent killer because this disease can cause sudden death without symptoms or may cause severe damage before symptoms occur. This disease is expensive to treat but simple to prevent and only requires a yearly blood test to check for disease. You can prevent heartworm disease in a 50 lb. dog for over nine years for the same cost as treating a dog for heartworm disease. Sentinel is excellent medicine for your dog in the prevention of this deadly disease.

The Bottom Line: Sentinel is the best product to protect your dog, yourself, and all the children in your life. This is the most responsible medication you can give your dog.

Please visit www.petsandparasites.org or www.growingupwithpets.com or www.cdc.gov/healthypets to better understand how these parasites impact your dog, your environment, and the need to protect people as well. Having a dog is a marvelous experience and will be with proper care and consideration. With the purchase of twelve Sentinel you receive our best price, one free table from us, and a rebate from Novartis. Please ask us any questions you may have as we want to provide the kind of excellent care you want for your best friend.