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Protocol for a Flea Free Clinic Policies Home

To ensure that all clients of Town and Country Animal Clinic are provided with the best possible recommendations and services for their pets, the doctors and health care team will use the following standard of care.

The reasons for becoming a Flea Free Clinic are as follows:

1) To enhance the quality of life of every patient that we see

2) To protect the quality of life for all the patients in our care in our facility

3) To prevent possible tapeworm infections in our patients

4) To enhance the quality of our practice environment for those who work in our facility

5) To enhance the quality of our practice environment for out clients and their pets

We will do this by examining every patient for fleas as they enter our facility when they come in for appointments, during their pre-surgical exam, pre-boarding exam, or pre-grooming exam.

If evidence of fleas is found (fleas, flea dirt, or flea allergic dermatitis) a capstar will be given orally immediately which will kill all the adult fleas on that pet within hours.

The client will be given an evaluation of their pet when they are picked up or during their appointment and flea control recommendations will be given.

The client will be encouraged to take home flea prevention medications as a follow up.

The client will be responsible for the cost of any flea medications given.