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  Our clinics will accept drop off patients under the following circumstances:

They cannot be a new client as no patient history or payment history can be established.

They cannot be suspected kennel cough patients.

They cannot be suspected parvovirus cases.

They must be clients in well standing with the clinic.

They must know there will be a boarding charge for the day and an exam fee. If immediate diagnostics or treatments are necessary for the welfare of their pet, they will be responsible for these charges as well. They must also know they must have time to fill out paperwork and talk to a tech/asst. or doctor before they will be allowed to leave their pet.

They must know that charges are to be paid when the patient is picked up and we must know whether it will be cash, check, credit card, or Care Credit.

If the pet is dropped off in the morning, it should be dropped off between 7-8 AM (8-9 AM in Lakeview) and will not be able to go home until after 3 PM. If dropped off in the afternoon or evening, the pet may not be able to go home until 10 AM the next morning.

We must have a phone number where the client can be successfully reached (with out question) so we can get permissions to do diagnostic tests or procedures.

Unless requested the pet will be assigned to the doctor with the least number of appointments.

The dropped off patient will not occupy an appointment spot but will be treated like a groomer or boarder in that regard.

A health care team member must get a basic history:
What is the problem?
How long has the problem been going on?
What signs and symptoms is the pet showing?
Is the problem acute or chronic?
Has the pet had similar problems before?
Is the pet on any medications and does the pet have any adverse reactions to medications?
Other questions as appropriate

The client must sign a drop off permission slip that gives the doctor permission to treat the pet (even if the client is not reachable) and that the client will be responsible for any charges incurred.